Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another long night

After Elise's 66 at 10:00 last night, we knew we were in for another long, sleepless night. At 11:00 she was 105. At 12:00 she was 151, which made us feel better. Unfortunately, two exhausted parents slept through the 2:00 alarm and we never checked her until about 3:30 when she was 309.

And then at wake up, she was 443 with 1.9 ketones. What the WHAT??? I am so freaking tired of all of this. Fred wants to go back to using diluted so we can get these crazy numbers to go away (if that is indeed the problem), but I know we need to bite the bullet and keep using the full-strength. The hard part is we cannot figure out a sliding scale for her. On diluted it was 1 unit when between 300-400, and over 400 she got 2 units. That equals less than 1/4 of a unit!

I just don't know where to start to fix the problems... I think a call to the endo is in order. Joy. It's not that I don't like our endo, it's just the CDEs are a pain in the butt and are often more aggravating than they are helpful.

Unlike you guys... thank you for your comments. Talk about a bright spot in an otherwise craptastic time.


  1. Thinking of you guys today...hang in there, keep the faith, and walk tall.

    God gave you Elise, because He knew you were the perfect match. YOU can conquer this can beat this beast! One day a time, one number at a time...sleep whenever you can.


  2. Hang in there... just keep in mind that using full strength will help minimize those real high bg's(hopefully). You will figure it out.. we always do :)

  3. I'm so sorry, Joanne. I wish I could offer advice - but we never used humalog. I just wish that diabetes was more predictable and that there was some handbook. Like when your child is diagnosed, they say to you, "But hey, here's this nifty little handbook that will tell you everything you need to know. There will be no guess work because everything imaginable is covered in the FAQ's." Wouldnt that be awesome? Praying for you all and wishing this "craptastic" (love it - maybe that should be a new song: "It's the most craptastic time of the year...")time will speed by and you'll back to good days and nights soon.

  4. first off hugs to you and I know how exasperating these things can be . You just have to break down and call them I know they are a pain to deal with . I wish you well and hope things get better soon .


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