Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boo to the cheesecake

Thanks to everyone who chimed in about the glucagon and the cheesecake. I love that I can ask all my crazy questions and you are so quick to help out!

We thought we had figured out the cheesecake pretty well since Elise was 103 at bed time. But at midnight check she was 303, and 320 at wake up this morning. I have no idea if the cheesecake was the culprit or not, but I think we'll stay away from it until we get it figured out better. We only go to the Cheesecake Factory once or twice a year anyway, since just looking at their food can cause you to gain about 50 pounds!


  1. There are foods that do that to Sydney too. I don't know about cheesecake because I don't know that she has ever had the stuff. But higher fat foods tend to spike her blood sugar hours after the fact. I have yet to figure that out. Good luck!!

  2. Cheesecake would for sure do something evil like that.

    Sorry, I hope she is feelig her happy self today.

  3. Yes sorry elise was so cranky yesterday and last night . I can just look at peanut butter and it come to haunt me dear . Yes I think it is the fat in the peanut butter and I also cant eat cream cheese either and it happens to be a fave but wont do it . I hope you do figure it out and you are an awesome mother Joanne .


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