Saturday, October 17, 2009

Checking In

Just wanted to let you know that I am checking my blog, but this weekend we're out in the middle of nowhere, Texas doing our "cabin-ing" thing with some friends, so I won't be on here as much.

I think Fred said he had received some pricing for the shirts, which may be a bit different now if we're going to add something about T1 on it. We asked about two different styles, regular and women's. If we do add kid's sizes the overall price goes up a bit because they have to resize the image to fit properly on the smaller shirts.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here and working on the shirt thing.

And because this is a diabetes blog; We are STILL getting screwy night numbers. We drove out here after dinner and when we checked Elise two hours after dinner, she was 315. We attributed it to her sitting in the car, doing nothing and maybe some excitement. When we got to the cabin, we checked again (40 minutes later), and she was 158. Huh?

She also started going low over night, so we had to give her about 6g. Her night numbers have been so weird. The night before (after we went from 3.5 units of N to 3), her BG went up to 438 at around 2:00 am! Though our endo said we should only correct at meal times, we felt she was way to high to leave it alone, so we gave her 2 units of DH.

I can't figure it out. One night she'll be sky high, the next she'll be low. All on the same dose.

I think on my shirt I'll write something like, "help kick type 1 diabetes in the groin".


  1. eww like the saying on the shirt . Now about the numbers it is called the roller coaster effect . I have suffered with it for a while it could be her age too . I wish I could tell you how to counteract but cant we have to ride it out . Oh well have fun cabin-ing and a great wknd.

  2. So will your shirt guy do pricing per shirt? If he doesnt work out, I have a guy here in AZ that would price per shirt, then discount the more you buy. I've been thinking about BLUE alot....we need letters. We need to send letters to the big wigs like the NFL (can you say Jay Cutler?)and get these people interested in spreading the word about BLUE!!

    Highs...highs....we are there too. For the first time EVER since Maddison's diagnosis I'm starting to see that I really cant manage every number. Thats REALLY REALLY hard for me to admit. Hopefully, you can figure this one out though! We ALWAYS try!!

  3. ONe of the guys that were hanging out with this weekend suggested that on the back of the shirt we put the word Type where the person's name would go (like on a jersey), and then the number 1 where the number would go. I thought that was pretty creative.

    Kelly, The guy here does do a price per shirt (also there is a charge for something to do with setting the logo), and he gives you a break the more you order.

  4. I like the team, "TYPE 1" idea!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Type 1 on the back is a great idea! I've been pondering what I can do here in my little neck of the big woods of AK!
    I thought I would also email Kerri Sparling (Six Until Me- it's a great blog about diabetes and she has connections) to see if she could give suggestions/help out.

  6. I have two children with diabetes (currently ages 6 and 3 1/2). Diabetes has been in our house for almost three years now.

    Kelly is right--you cannot "manage" every number. You cannot really "control" diabetes. You deal with the number that presents, continue to look for trends (if they exist) and change as necessary.

    There will always be screwy numbers (hate to tell you...), but I will say that the screwiest numbers of all were when NPH was in the house. My kids are both on an insulin pump now, and while it doesn't solve everything, I wouldn't go back to NPH for anything!

    300+ down to 158 in less than an hour? Yes, it happens (even on the pump it happens). There are so many factors that can influence blood sugars--insulin and food are just the big two. There are also growth spurts, excitement, illness, stress, and the fact that NPH insulin has a less "steady" or predictable rate of absorption than newer insulins as well.

    I like your shirt idea. :) There are many days where I feel like kicking _something_! Might as well be diabetes!

    Take care--I enjoy your blog.

  7. Lovin' the shirt ideas. Personally, I don't mind paying for kid sizes. It is for her, afterall! I think we'll light our house up blue, too! Start a tradition- thanks for the idea. Maybe Ill try to get our school to go blue that day, too! I would love kick diabetes in the groin!!!

  8. Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I love your "about me" on your profile. It made me LOL.


  9. I REALLY LIKE THAT! Just "Type 1" with the blue circle on the's a very powerful statement.


    As soon as you get the details, I'm going to post it on my blog too...I wonder if there's a way to set up on-line ordering with a link we can direct folks an etsy account or something?

  10. 6 years later, things seem easier... My dad is selling/promoting some of his designs on SpreadShirt ( )...

    Then again some things never change... I'd like to kick diabetes in the groin too...


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