Friday, October 9, 2009

Glucagon question

I remember someone, somewhere telling me that glucagon expires after a year, and you need to throw it away and refill your prescription.

It hit me (only a month late), that we've had Elise's glucagon for a year now. When I looked at the case, it had an expiration date of 2010.

Sooooo I'm confused. When does one replace the glucagon? Is it really after a year, or do you follow the date on the case? Is this just a conspiracy by big pharma to make us part with even more of our money?

That last one was a joke. I don't really believe stuff like that. I mean, not all the time. I'd say like 50% of the time. The truth is out there, you know. Cue X-Files music.

And while I'm on the topic (which I'm not, just can't come up with a good segue), we had some better numbers with Elise last night. We missed the early-late-night check, sleeping through the alarm, but one of those fun Texas storms woke us (and Elise) at 3:30. Her number was 166, which is great, but I would love to know what it was before the N took effect. She then woke up with a BG of 145. Not too shabby.


  1. I say trust the expiration date. Because those I know that use mini-gluc shots, use their expired glucagon for them.


    I'm also so with you. No big conspiracies...but maybe little ones...

  2. I'm with Meri on this one...

    And glad for the much better numbers!!! :)

  3. go by the expiration date dear . I am so happy that Elise had better numbers . Yeah those sweet little texas storms . My brother lives out there in tx . so yeah def know about those little whirlwind storms ,

  4. I go by the expiration date. And, if the pharmacy offers to fill my prescription with one that expires in less than a year, I kindly ask them to order me a new one, with a later expiration date. :) Those puppies are too expensive to refill too often!


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