Monday, October 12, 2009

Elise showing off her skills

After a blah day, this scene made me smile. Elise took her meter, lancet, and a cotton ball and was checking her pumpkin's BG before dinner.


  1. How cute is that??? What a sweet baby you have!

  2. That was so cute! :) Thanks for the smile!

    We have tested many a stuffed animal in this house and more often than not, they were low.

  3. that is just too cute . You must tell her we all think she is a big girl for doing that .

  4. very cute :) Diabetes makes it way into every aspect of their lives. All of our barbies have been tested and the result has not always been good lol Tell Elise she is doing a wonderful job taking care of that pumpkin :)


  5. I showed this vid to my hubby tonight...actually Sydney did because she loves to watch it. He said it was so cute but also just breaks his heart that she knows how to do that so young.


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