Friday, October 9, 2009

Cheesecake and carbs

Hopefully someone can answer this for me... what would be the carb factor for plain cheesecake without the crust?

Fred and I (plus Elise, if course) had our date night at the Cheesecake Factory tonight, and Elise reeeeeeally wanted to try the cheesecake we ordered for dessert. I gave her some tiny bites, figuring it can't mess her up too bad, especially since most of the carbs should be in the crust.

To say she loved it would be a gross understatement, so I'd just like to know for future reference.

Someone out there must know, right?


  1. hmmm....I'm sure someone does! :) Have you tried looking on-line? You could check Cheesecake Factory's website or Calorie King maybe ??

  2. We checked Calorie King, but it only lists w/ crust, and Cheesecake Factory doesn't list their info at all (slowly becoming a pet peeve of mine).

  3. Cheesecake Factory doesn't list their nutritional info????!! ugh. Not that we have to worry about that up here, anyhow. But, I totally feel your frustration!

  4. Sorry friend, I sure don't know. If I had an idea how much she ate, I'm pretty good at guessing. BUT I feel more comfortable guessing when only my own boys lives are at stake, I don't know if I could guess for little Elise...If I was way off I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. (OK I'm a rebel, I would GUESS 5 carbs a table spoon. But I'm only GUESSING because I'm 99% sure you gave her insulin for it already.) ~I tried to look it up too and now I want to throw my computer across the room!
    PS LOVE Cheesecake Factory, good thing it's also 40 minutes away...hmmm...near San Anselmo...isn't that interesting...

  5. Cheesecake Factory here in AZ has a SF Cheesecake that totals 8c for the entire HUGE piece. Made with Splenda.....Problem is, it has about a million fat grams, which we all know lingers......I do a square wave bolus over 2 hours and end up fine. Not so easy on shots though!

  6. Im guessing maybe 8 -10 carbs if that cause you said she had tiny bits so but you have to see how many she ate . wow that is unbelivable that they dont show their nutrional info . I hope you find out . if you do please let the rest of us know okay .

  7. In the cheese cake we make there is 17 carbs in 1/8 or 86grams of just the filling, and it has 21g of fat


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