Monday, October 12, 2009

I've got a case of the Mondays



Can I just go back to bed and sleep throught the rest of this day?

We are still having night time issues with Elise being in the mid to upper 300s, even at wake up. So last night when her BG was 154 before her bedtime snack (154 is high for her at that time of night, she's usually between 90-110), we decided to try to give her a bit of diluted Humalog to keep her from going so high around 11:00.

By a bit, I mean 1 unit of DH. Her ratio is usually 1:3 in the morning and 1:4 at dinner. So I thought 1 unit wouldn't touch her.


At 11:30 she was 78, and the N most likely wasn't even starting to peak yet. Ugh. We gave her 6g, and she was up to 109 by midnight. An hour later, 151. Okay, good.

Except she woke up low (don't remember the number, but it was below 80) at 6:00 am, had 6g more, went back to sleep and woke up at 7:45 at 125.

Not to mention I sat up all night obsessing over what went wrong. I just couldn't let it go. I kept thinking of different things we could try to help get this problem worked out; less DH, same snack, less N. Same amount of DH, less N, more snack. Less snack, no DH, same amount of N. The combinations are endless! Okay, maybe not, but you get the idea.

Today Elise's numbers have been on the lower side of normal so maybe last night she just got done with her growth spurt. I think we'll just go back to our original plan tonight... same ol' N, same ol' snack and let's see what happens.

We're also going camping (rather cabin-ing) with three other couples this weekend and my brain is spinning trying to remember everything we have to bring. I am a total over-packer, but I have to figure out how to fit enough stuff for two adults, a toddler with diabetes who still sleeps in a crib, and stuff for our dog (not to mention the dog) in our SUV. It's going to be tight.

Time to stop feeling blah and get to work on my many lists for this weekend.


  1. Joanne please dont stress over this you are a great mom and you are like me worrying that it is something you have done ? Im sure it is not and have you talked to her pediatric endo ? and what did they say . Man I remember these days but my son was not dxed untill 7 so I dont know what it is like with the really little ones . I hope you get it all figured out and yeah the cabin -ing thing should be awesome hope it all works out dear .

  2. UHG! Can't these night time numbers stop having temper tantrums...seriously, so stupid!

    Sorry about the blahs, but am I REALLY supposed to feel SO sorry for are going cabining this's so unfair I could just cry!

    Sure packing sucks, diabetes sucks, Mondays suck...but there is fun on the horizon!!!!! And yup, I AM JEALOUS!!! You know what I get to do this weekend????? ANOTHER soccer party and the fargin pumpkin patch!!!! :P~~~~~~~~~~~

    (I know, I think I'm losing it too...Tahoe already seems like it was YEARS ago.)

  3. Oh those night time numbers....I just wanna beat the you know what out of them!!! grrr....... I'm quite sure you've gone over it a thousand times in your head...I know...I've been there recently!!
    Deep breath....D won't take charge forever....and there is smooth sailing ahead. That's what I keep telling myself, anyhow!! :)
    CAMPING!! Sounds like fun to me! I bet your weather is just perfect for it right now, too! (((HUGS!!)))


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