Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween is mocking me

I had no idea what tonight would bring, numbers-wise. If you had asked me, I would have suspected that Elise would be running high. Not so much...

Bedtime check (8:00) - 100
15g of carbs (including a few M&Ms - Elise has never had any sort of candy before and you should have seen the smile on her face when she tasted them)
3.5 units NPH (because we were tired of seeing high numbers through the night on 3 units)

We checked her about 90 minutes later because she was throwing a tantrum when she saw Fred and I were going to eat pizza for dinner, this is totally unusual behavior:

BG - 62
9g of carbs + nursing

About 20 minutes later she's at 70. And 20 minutes after that she's at 80.

11:15 - 64
6g of carbs

I know it wasn't all the exercise... we pulled her in a wagon most of the time. A lot of times we'll take our dog for a walk in the evening, and she does the whole walk herself and we never see weird number like these.

I give up... it's going to be a loooooong night. Good thing I have all this candy to keep me going!


  1. Oh...I hope your night isn't long and sleepless! :( I'm not sure what kind of a night we're in for after the crazy trick or treating for an hour walking the neighborhood in like 13 degree temps!
    Sleep well Elise ....and Joanne!

  2. It may be all the excitement. I know it sounds strange, but when Justin overloads on excitement or anxiety... his sugar crashes. ~it drives me crazy.

  3. Just the excitement of something can make one of the boys crash and another go as high as a kite. Today was totally new to her and her body is trying to make sense of the excitement.

    OH-I hope she slept good tonight! I hope she was just exhausted from her fun! I hope!

  4. Oh joanne I hate the sleepless nights and the worrying . Been there and done that and always thinking i was doing something wrong . But as the endo told me there is no set pattern for diabetes and it is a bi&ch !!!

  5. TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!!! You never know if the numbers will be a trick to figure out or a treat to enjoy :)


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