Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Needing help (once again)

I'm reaching out to my wonderful internet peeps to help answer another question I have; how can you tell when a high BG is the result of a low BG and subsequent dumping of glucose by the liver?

How high of a number would you see? Would it keep going up, or start coming down on its own at some point?

The reason I ask is because Elise's BG was 281 upon waking from her nap this afternoon. She wakes up pretty much every day with a BG of about 120 or lower, and on some days she's below 80. We've had to work with her lunch time carbs because she was waking up from EVERY nap with a low BG. Today she overslept by about 30 minutes, and that number is very, very high for her at that time of day.

The other reason I wonder about this is because her dinner time BG was higher than the BG when she woke up from her nap. If I don't give her a snack (which obviously I didn't today), her BG always goes DOWN at dinner time. I think her BG was 318.

I know I'm trying to make sense of the nonsensical, but I really have a strong feeling I missed a low. And if that's the case, I don't want to let her oversleep again.

As always, thanks for any ideas you have... mwah, you are all wonderful!


  1. I'm so sorry I can't help you with this question. I really have no that wrong of me to have a T1 kid and not know this answer? I think I need to read a little more to understand a little bit better. Good luck :)

  2. We haven't had much experience with least not that I know of. What you explain sounds typical of how I hear others explain it though. I know some say the rebound high is more resistant to corrections. I think if you suspect it, mom knows best. Trust your instinct!

  3. I'm with Kelly, trust your instinct. Maybe test her if she sleeps long to be sure. Maybe she'll sleep through it!

    Our only rebound experiences have been in the early hours of the morning. It's been a long time since I've had to deal with those.

    Sorry I'm not more help. :(

  4. We've had a few - or so the folks at the diabetes center tell me. I am just starting to recognize it. I've never seen a rebound without seeing the low first. I had thought I had just over done the correction carbs but I guess sometimes it wasn't enough carbs to correspond to the high. Our high is usually under 300. What I've seen hasn't been predictable- just like the low was unexpected. I have NOT seen the rebound with the lows we've been struggling with every school day afternoon. It's been more if an occasional, surprise thing. Does all that even make sense? Sorry I can't be of more help!

  5. yes I think she suffered a low and then was re bounding . that is most definately what it sounds like to me . good luck and trust your instincts cause those are always the best dear .

  6. Well I can't help ya with the advice thing. Sorry. Sydney seems to be low in the 40s on an almost daily basis. I don't really remember having those types of rebounds though. Maybe I just need to pay attention better? We've adjusted her levels and it seems to be helping with all the lows. Anyway I'm sorry to hear about that. Could she have a snack before nap that might help take away that nap low?

  7. Funny....I was JUST contemplating the EXACT SAME thing this morning. Trying to decide if a basal change is in order for her am number ... or if it was the result of needing a correction at midnight and some extra activity before bed that caused a low the liver rescued.....hmmmm.....

  8. Rob says, ask Dr. T to borrow a CGM for a week or a weekend or something and watch what it's doing while she's napping. Also, sleeping does that sometimes, saith he, whether she's low or not. Who knows?


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