Friday, October 30, 2009

Good news/Bad news

To combat the high overnight numbers, we decided to give Elise 12g instead of her usual 15g snack at bed time.

You may be thinking to yourself, 3g... is she on drugs? That's not going to make any difference. Except with these wee ones, it does. Elise was 168 at 11:00pm, 122 at 12:00, 150 at 2:30, and woke up at 179.

And now you may be asking yourself, "why so many checks during the night?"

Because Elise woke up at 11:00, and cried until about 12:30. At least we know she's not waking up because of the high numbers.

But the question remains; why IS she waking up? I looked in her mouth, and thought that maybe I could see some molars coming in, so we gave her some Tylenol. But she still cried for an hour after that.

So, I am at a loss. Elise used to be a great sleeper until two months ago. She started sleeping through the night at six weeks, and we never looked back.

Do they make Children's Tylenol PM? They totally should.


  1. try hylands teething tablets and see if they help they sure helped my son when he was teething and I always seem to get sleep other than checking his bgs and that is when the meters were the size of tvs . It was so hard to test them then . Oh well talk to you soon . I hope things get better .

  2. I know how much of an impact 3c can have!!!!!

    As for sleep, well, I hate to tell you, but some kids are just poor sleepers. All of my girls slept great unil about 18 didn't get better until 4!!!!!!!!1


  3. 3c is a difference! I hope you see that same results tonight :) Maddison NEVER slept well...still doesn't. Maybe Elise is having night terrors?

  4. You could try to give her Tylenol before bed. This way she won't be woken up by pain...those 2 year molars are doozies! OR...opps, no or...that's all I got. Babies are hard all by was always a struggle for me to know if they were being dramatic because they were babies, or they were being dramatic because they were miserable from diabetes. A tough call that made me baby them more than I should have. I had to break them all of their King Complexes at 4 years old. NOT Easy.... :(

  5. They should totally make Tylenol PM for babies!! LOVE it.
    I just took some for so I am off to dreamland. I hope!

  6. That should say - I just took some for me!

    Must be working already! :-)


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