Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm just lucky my head didn't explode

Today, Fred and I were very honoured to be one of the T1 families invited by the JDRF to a press conference to kick-off the Dallas Passport to Health Expo Event that is focused on diabetes. The mayor of Dallas was one of the speakers, along with a Dallas Cowboy, an ex-NFL'er, an adult with T2, and a very well-spoken 8 year old with T1.

What really dismayed me was that all the speakers, with the exception of the little girl, talked over and over about how diabetes is preventable, and beatable, and treatable if you just exercise and eat properly. At no point did they differentiate between the two types.

At one point I exchanged a grimace with another T1 Mom, and towards the end of the press conference, tears started falling freely from my eyes. I was just so frustrated by the ignorance being spouted off.

They just don't get it. There is a difference between T1 and T2 and people need to be aware of it. Before the press conference was over, the mayor asked if there were any questions and it took all my will-power to not pipe up and ask, "are you aware that type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are not the same, and there is no cure for type 1 and no way to prevent it?"

If I had been there by myself, you bet I would have spoken up, but since I was there with the JDRF, I didn't feel it was the right thing to do. Fred felt the same way.

Sometimes it makes me so mad that type 1 has to take a backseat to type 2 diabetes.


  1. YES, YES, YES I agree with you soooo much. It seems like every time that I'm out and talking about T1 and Cara someone is always spouting off about "Oh so she just takes some pills" or "Oh so she can't eat certain things because she is allergic?" People have NO idea and I really don't understand why T1 and T2 share a name "Diabetes" I'm sure it is confusing for the people out there that do not have to deal with diabetes. My sister asked her x to sponsor her for our diabetes walk and he said why should I half those people just need to get off their ass and get some exercise. I really hate when people get it so mixed up!!

  2. I know it is like you get so tired of trying to tell ppl hey listen there is a difference btwn type 1 and type 2 and type 1 is not curable and we do eat right and we doooooo exercise and gawd we still have diabetes !!! Hello head up your butt but dont talk what you dont know !!! Oh I so agree with you Joanne it makes me so mad .

  3. I would have been bawling right there with you! A group called FIRST 5 CALIFORNIA did a big commercial marketing blitz a few years ago, showing mom's handing their babies juice and sugared cereal. With big letters saying, "Don't just hand your child diabetes, be responsible for what they eat." They even had a two year old say, "Mom, can I have some more diabetes please." as the mother handed her some candy. Diabetes this, Diabetes that...NO MENTION that they were talking about Type 2 diabetes. NO MENTION that Type 2 diabetes in children is relatively rare. And the commercial was on like 100 times a day! I LOST IT EVERY TIME. I wrote letter after letter telling them how insulting it was to Type 1 kids and their families,and apparantly so did many other families, becuase they finally took it off the air due to what they called "some controversy." No public apology, no clarification that there are TWO different types of diabetes. All they did was F up all the educating that families like ours had worked so hard for.

    Type 1 Diabetes needs a new name. I have NOTHING against Type 2's, heck my mom and father in law are very healthy Type 2's...but there is just too much misinformation...for both types...seriously!

  4. Oh MY. I'm shocked that JDRF would not initiate clearly defining the
    T1 and T2 difference, thats a HUGE insult to parents with D children especially!! I'm so sorry you had to experience that, I do believe I would have broke down right then and there!

  5. Kelly, I'm not sure in what capacity the JDRF was there. PLus it would take some major balls to correct the mayor in front of reporters and cameras. I don't think he would have liked that too much.

    Meri - Okay, my head would have officially exploded upon seeing that commercial. What a slap in the face!

    Nicole - Haven't heard form you in awhile, hope all is well up in Ontari-ari-o!

    And I can't forget you, phonelady... hi!

    Sometimes I feel weird commenting on my pown posts.

  6. Yes! Wish they had two completely different names so no one would even put them in the same ballpark.

  7. Argh.
    I agree that it would have been difficult to contradict the mayor - but seriously, some prep work on the folks participating might have been a good start. You might express to your JDRF chapter that the experience was...um, how to say nicely...distressing as a parent of a child with TYPE 1, and that the comments by the folks with T2 may NOT have been clear enough to really paint a FULL picture of Juvenile Diabetes...or just take a big ol' 2X4 to the next event and whack anyone who doesn't get it. (Apparently, my anger management issues aren't as well controlled as I might think...)

  8. That is one of my BIGGEST issues ever!! The lack of knowledge about the difference between type 1 and type 2. Syd's doctor actually wants T1 to have a name change so it isn't associated with T2 and needing to just exercise more and eat better. SO maddening!

  9. Yes Joanne all is very well up here in Ontario but just very, very, busy. With 2 kids in school full time, 2 kids 1/2 days in school, 2 other kids at home full day, my husband at work nonstop and we are working on opening an old school candy shop by the end of the month there is just not enough hours in the day! We are planing to have a sugar free section called "just because we CARA" cute "a" But I'm still here and still reading and checking up on ALL of you!!
    and I agree with so many of you we need a new name for T1!!


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