Friday, October 2, 2009

Will I ever get a good night's sleep?

It's not what you think... Elise actually slept through the night last night, waking up at 8:15 (about 30 minutes later than usual). Ordinarily, that would make me so excited I would be dancing a jig (now THERE's a scary picture for ya), except the dog decided last night would be a perfect time to avenge the fact that she's not getting all the attention anymore, and throw-up twice in our bedroom.

And the best part? She waited until just after midnight... when I was slooooowly drifting towards that beautiful refuge known as SLEEP.

All Fred and I could do is laugh as we cleaned it up.

Tonight we decided to up the dosage on Elise's NPH again as she woke up with a BG of 278 this morning (that's too low to be a rebound from a missed low, right? Aren't they usually in the upper 300s or even 400s?), so no uninterrupted sleep for us for a few nights.

Which begs the question... what am I still doing up???


  1. oh wow it is always something is'nt it ? I know it is always something around here too . Is Seven okay ? I sure hope so .

  2. It's good practice for multiple children...exept then you have multiple chilren and a dog. That could be a movie or something :)


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