Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sleep issues continue... and the State Fair!

Well, it looks like it's not the higher BG keeping Elise awake at night. We upped her NPH dose from 2.5 to 3 units, and had to give her some banana last night at 1:45 when her BG was 102. About 30 minutes after we gave her the banana, she woke up crying like she always does.

Granted, last night was not a typical night and in hindsight, we shouldn't have changed the dosage. We went to the State Fair, and I think all the excitement caused Elise's BG to be higher (230 as opposed to about 100) at what is her normally her bedtime check. We were still at the fair at that time and didn't get Elise to bed until almost 11:00!

She was 114 at wake up this morning and that would be great, except for that 102 in the middle of the night (she went up to 201 after about 8g of carbs). So what this tells me is 3 units of NPH may be to much and 2.5 may not be quite enough. But again, we chose a bad time to change her dosage. Oh well, call it a learning experience! I'm still not sure if we'll try again tonight...

But, the trip to the State Fair went great! If I'm being honest, I hate the fair. The crowds, the smells, all that fried food (I'm sorry, it's just sooooo gross), and the fact that it's in the not-very-nice part of Dallas. But Fred loves it, and we got some free tickets, so we went.

It was a last minute decision, which totally grates on my plan-every-last detail personality, but we just rolled with it. The timing with dinner, shots and snacks were a bit awkward (like eating dinner on the train and getting her nightly dose of N at the top of the ferris wheel), but we made it work, and Elise had a fabulous time. Which makes it all worthwhile.

I didn't get too many pics, but here are my favourites:

Elise and Poppa in front of the fountains

Our friend's band is playing at the fair, he's the guy playing guitar on the left

We also watched a bit of a soccer match while at the fair (both Fred and I play)

Elise watching the pig races... yes, pig races


Elise strangling, er, hugging a goat

Enjoying the view at the top of the Texas Star ferris wheel

The obligatory family picture


  1. Insulin on the ferris wheel ... THAT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


    I used to love the fair ... especially the pig races ;)

  2. i think you and I must be the only ones who think that fair food stinks . I hate it too . wow that adjustment is hard to figure out but I trust you will get it down pat . elise and the goat looked so cute .

  3. I'm with you on the fair. Yuk! But somehow we always have a great time. And the funnel cakes always make it worth while for me. :) We haven't gone for the last couple I'm in the OCTOBER not in the July heat like it always is.

    I'm glad you had a wonderful family day!

  4. LOVE the insulin on the Ferris wheel!! D and it's equipment go everywhere! :) LOVE IT!


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