Monday, October 26, 2009

Yet another shirt update... for all the Canadians!

Good news for my fellow Canucks! Nicole has done some digging and was able to procure some shirts on your side of the border for the low price of $7.00 CAD! The total price will be a bit higher, since the shipping charge will depend on where you live (no flat rate shipping up there I guess), but you should definitely save on the shipping AND exchange.

To order, just shoot her an email at Then you can make your payment at, using her address in the "To" line.

You have to be quick though... deadline is Tuesday, October 27th.

Thanks Nicole for being such a keener and helping the Canucks save a loonie! Now go have a lie down on your chesterfield, put your toque on, and enjoy a nice plate of poutine and a double-double, Tim Horton's style.

Sigh, I miss speaking Canadian.


  1. I love that you can speak my language! and now I'm hungry :)

  2. Hey! I'd love for you to add me--I'm now following you. Thanks for the comment. I can't believe your daughter was a year old when dx'ed!! Oh my goodness--I can't imagine. I've got to go back to your beginning and read all about it. Thanks, girl!



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