Saturday, October 10, 2009

Never again

Okay, this is the last cheesecake post, I promise!

After Elise woke up with a BG of 320, we gave her 2.5 extra units of DH. That should have been more than enough to take care of her high BG. To our surprise, she was 363 at lunch, and after we corrected her with 2 more units, she was 426 before nap time... yikes!

After her nap she came down to 226 and was 147 at dinner and 108 at bedtime.

Now, I don't know if the cheesecake is really to blame. We did go to a fall festival at a nearby farm (pictures here if you'd like to see them), but she doesn't usually spike like that due to excitement.

But it's the only thing that makes sense, so for now, cheesecake is a bad word in our house.


  1. It is a bad word in my house too . also on that list is peanut butter , cream cheese and certain other things and you will find out over time . Joanne you are a good mother and nothing you did was out of place and god bless you and your family . I hope elise feels better soon and I hope you get some sleep .

  2. Cheesecake, pizza, FOOD--it's all bad! That's how I feel at the moment! :) If it weren't for food, diabetes just might not be that bad! ;)
    Praying for better numbers tonight so that ya'll (is that TX enough for you?)can get some sleep.

    Yes- I heard you had dinner! Shawn ended up sending me a facebook message that the families had got together. If he thought hard enough, he could share some good stories! :) Like the time he face planted me in 2 feet of snow...grr....I still haven't forgot THAT one......

  3. Wow that stinks! Seems like a long time for cheesecake to be rearing it's face though. Darn it! Hope they stay good from here on out for ya!


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